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All our services provide highly differentiating solutions for most business transformation needs. Additionally, they are integrated within Symbiosa Business Sustainability (SBS) approach.

Sustainable Business Transformation services

1. Long-term Growth Potential Review. This short service assesses a company’s long-term growth potential and its competitiveness against more than 2600 large corporations using 245 exclusively non-financial criteria (intangibles). It is a suggested pre-requisite for any large-scale business change.

2. Free Long-term Growth Potential Review Service. This is a free assessment of your company’s adherence to 10 Symbiosa Business Sustainability (SBS) Principles. The pilot Survey can provide a valuable input to a full Business Sustainability Review.

3. Business Direction Re-alignment. This is a quick business turnaround (about 6 months) that puts a company back on course and prepares it for a longer-term sustainable growth

4. SYMBIOSA Stakeholder Scorecard. - This is a Balanced Scorecard with a unique Stakeholder-focused Strategic maps (Cause & Effect chain maps)

5. Sustainable Human Capital Management. - This is a truly innovative service that looks at a strategic role of HR. It helps to shift that role from the back office to the front-line, making it part of business operations and one of the critical points in a transition to long-term, sustainable business growth.

6. Consolidated Corporate Governance. This service consolidates Corporate Governance and Risk Management procedures within a broader Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach.

7. Continuous Business Alignment Service – business transformation towards sustainability using Sustensis’ 6-stage methodology and supporting large-scale business change.

8. Continuous Programme Management A unique concept to manage change within a specially created in-house programme environment on a continuous basis. It enables internal staff to carry out business change themselves, with only minimal support, rather than by external consultants.

Sustainable Financial services

1. Long-term Growth Potential Index  - a patent-pending index  primarily for the companies themselves to assess their long-term growth potential and company rating. It uses 245 criteria quantifiable intangibles (such as no. of patents), or long-term growth productivity indicators, combined into 15 categories e.g. Innovation, Quality, Brand, Strategy, Technology, Corporate Governance etc

2. Long-term Growth Value Index -  with 25 long-term growth productivity criteria (such as 5Y AVG turnover/employee ratio), primarily for long-term investors for quickly finding the intrinsic value and identifying undervalued companies

3. M&A Business Sustainability Due Diligence. This is an M&A due diligence service that reduces the risk of selecting the wrong merger or acquisition partner. It assesses how strong is the synergy of the companies to be merged in strategic objectives, major processes, current and projected key initiatives and projects, as well as key financial, material and human resources.

4. Post M&A Organisational Re-Alignment. This is a post M&A service using Sustensis’ specialist framework. It identifies major problem areas for integrating the two businesses, aligns key processes and Key Performance Indicators, delivering an overall consistency of the new strategy at an operational level.

5. Strategic Risk Management. Looks how a company can engage in more risky opportunities by a much better risk management at a strategic level.

6. Basel II and Operational Risk Management. Support for regulatory compliance in Basel II Accord and implementation of Operational Risks

7. Investors’ Match Maker. Helps investors to match investment opportunities to their investment profile, using primarily non-financial criteria

8. Dow Jones Sustainability Index Support. Support for companies wishing to qualify for the inclusion in the DJSI index.

9. Corporate Social Responsibility & FTSE4good. Support for companies wishing to qualify for the inclusion in the FTSE4good – the main CSR index in the UK.

Business Sustainability Culture services

1. Culture for Sustainable Growth. This service supports particularly well the culture change that is needed for a sustainable company to work effectively.

2. Sustainable Company Environment (SCE) is a service that supports the transition towards a balanced and sustainable company through a number of interlinked initiatives. The role of SCE is to prepare the company for the process of continuous business alignment.

3. CRM and Enterprise Relationship Management. Extends and deepens the CRM concept by underpinning the sales-based relationships with some mutual core values and aspirations. It thus creates a foundation for long-term, stakeholder-based trustful relationships. In its broader version, it effectively becomes an Enterprise Relationship Management supporting Sustainable Supply Chain using the Stakeholder Alignment concept.

4. Employee Partnership. This service, similarly as our other services, is based on the business rationale of Sustensis’s Symbiosa Business Sustainability approach , which provides a coherent environment to support full employee partnership and decision empowerment.

5. Investors in People for Sustainable Business- a Framework to seamlessly integrate the results of a standard IIP implementation programme with Symbiosa Business Sustainability approach