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Work-Life Balance and Well-being



Some companies may wish to support their employees’ work-life balance in a form of long-term programme. This is where we can help. We consider work-life balance as an important part of the overall employee’s well-being. In our view, the difference between work-life balance and well-being is in the focus and scope. Work-Life balance is focused on the Company and is limited to the employee’s long-term career where a company’s special care about the employee’s well-being is handsomely rewarded with greater productivity and much higher employee retention. Employee’s well-being is focused on his Life-goals achievement, where a company plays a significant role. The higher the synergy between an employee’s life goals and the company’s long-term objectives and culture the higher the employee satisfaction and the higher the level the employee’s well-being .


Our Symbiosa  Business Sustainability methodology links Work-life Balance and Well-being to Corporate Sustainability Culture, Business Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility because they logically underpin  the overall long-term growth of the company. Today, this area covers not only Work-Life Balance but also employee’s Well-Being. This includes tools and specialized psychometric analytics such as Myers–Briggs Type Indicators, De Bono Decision Making or M. Rokeach Values System. We have adopted them, for helping companies and employees balance their long-term interests in their company. The companies gain is primarily in the employee’s productivity and loyalty. The employee’s gain is in the company’s respect and support for employees’ personal development, which goes far beyond a standard career progression. It can lead to more effective and more fulfilled employees’ personal life in the context of a professional career and a higher level of well-being.


We can provide on-site courses for companies . Our general principle is to start slowly but make as continuous and as consistent as possible mental and character building changes.