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Symbiosa Business Sustainability Approach


All Sustensis services are based on our Symbiosa Business Sustainability® (SBS) approach.  It combines business transformation experience with the latest academic research. The result is a practical company-wide business management framework.


We differ significantly from other approaches by first asking how the shareholders’ intend to manage their business: for a short-term or a longer-term return. We believe such a distinction is crucial for selecting proper solutions for business transformation, e.g. after the M&A.


Although we have solutions for a short-term business transformation (e.g. our quick business turnaround service – Business Direction Alignment), most of our solutions are aimed at longer-term sustainable growth.


Each of these services can be implemented on their own, as a more generic consultancy service but with significant service differentiators, providing greater flexibility for implementers. For companies that are already engaged in sustainable growth, we may suggest starting with our stakeholder-based SYMBIOSA Scorecard. For companies that want first to quickly strengthen their current business performance, we would suggest starting with Business Sustainability Review. It would then be followed by our Business Direction Alignment services. This will build a strong core for a gradual transition towards sustainability.


SBS approach contains the principles and argues the business case for managing a company in a more balanced and sustainable way. It is the basis for customers’ staff training and the company’s culture change transformation. SBS consists of a Sustainable Company Environment (SCE) and six phases of Continuous Business Alignment (CBA) - a methodology for sustainable business transformation. The whole Framework is supported by about 20 specially designed sustainability services. Both the Framework and the services are supported by third party specialized software packages such as Balanced Scorecard or Activity Based Costing.


The prime role of the Sustainable Company Environment is to create proper conditions for sustainable and balanced growth achieved through Continuous Business Alignment as illustrated below:





































SCE - covers the interaction of the company with the external environment (the market and the Community) in which it operates. It is also a preparation ground for the company's culture change. The main activities in this phase include redefinition of the company's purpose, it's mission and the development of long-term business growth scenarios. This in turn is the basis for defining company's vision and its business strategy.


Any change within the Sustainable Company Environment is implemented dynamically using the principles of Continuous Business Alignment (CBA) methodology. In this way we help companies to establish an environment for a continuous adaptation to change so that change is perceived as part of normal business operations.