Research Centre for Business Sustainability





Sustensis Consultants have worked for clients in various industries such as:


  • Manufacturing, retail, utilities and telecommunications
  • Banking and insurance
  • Public sector


Some of the projects that Sustensis consultants have worked on, were delivered jointly with large Third Party consultancies, such as McKinseys, ADL, KPMG, Logica or CSC.  The nature of services that Sustensis offers requires good co-operation with third party suppliers. Our Continuous Business Alignment methodology is particularly well suited for providing independent business transformation environment.

The way we work


Our main objective is to help our clients in their large-scale business change by setting up a permanent environment for continuous improvement of their business within a balanced and aligned strategy. We believe it is of paramount importance that the majority of tasks associated with large-scale business change are carried out by a properly trained transition team composed of the company's own employees and not by external consultants. One of the key characteristics applied by Sustensis is pragmatism. This means realizing the general vision and strategy of our clients in small, well co-ordinated steps and bringing immediate benefits to the business. What we bring to our customers is the integrity of our conduct and coherence of our work. When that is combined with clients’ perseverance in achieving the objectives of a transition to a long-term sustainable growth, it becomes much easier to deliver successful solutions.