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About Symbiosa Business Sustainability


Any CEO that wishes his company to become more sustainable wants to have a sound business rationale for such a transition. He will also need to motivate his senior management, employees and other stakeholders, such as investors. This section provides such a business rationale embedded in  our Symbiosa Business Sustainability® (SBS) approach. It provides concrete examples of benefits and implementation options for choosing the most appropriate transition path towards sustainable growth. Additionally, it maintains the overall integrity and coherence of the approach,and justifies the business case.


There are four basic concepts that underpin the SBS overall approach to sustainable business transformation:


  • Symbiosa Business Sustainability® - the overall framework and business rationale for a Balanced and Sustainable Company
  • Continuous Business Alignment® - a dedicated methodology for longer-term sustainable growth that requires continuous adaptation of company’s products and services to the ever changing market needs
  • Natural Supply Chain® - a concept covering a continuous flow of contributions among six groups of stakeholders
  • Stakeholder Alignment® - a concept describing the foundation for a balanced share of benefits  based on common core of ethical values