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This website consolidates the work and experience of the original Sustensis Business Sustainability. Consultancy. Sustensis has specialized for over 20 years in the area of long-term sustainable growth. The knowledge that Sustensis has accumulated over that time, in particular its methodologies, has become the fondation for the Sustensis Research Centre for Business Sustainability. Its resources are available for unrestricted use for the research purposes. Sustensis has also developed a new domain dedicated to Humanity’s coexistence with Superintelligence. This is a separate website that can be accessed here.


Sustensis has had one key objective - to help companies make a gradual transition from a short-term to a long-term business growth. To achieve that, we apply our own approach - Symbiosa Business Sustainability®.  It can help companies achieve long-term sustainable growth with lower risk through a balanced use of financial, material, organisational and human resources.  We have developed over 20 integrated specialist services supporting transition to long-term growth.


All our services are underpinned by our patent-pending indices:  Long-term Growth Potential® (LGP) and Long-term Growth Value® (LGV). They are invaluable for determining companies’ long-term competitiveness. In the financial sector they can help investors compare the company’s potential for the long-term growth and financial return against its competitors. LGP index results (see below) can be linked to our  Symbiosa Stakeholder Scorecard® - a Stakeholder-focused version of a classic Balanced Scorecard - aimed at a quick delivery of significant business benefits.



The services offered by Sustensis incorporate best practice of large corporations, exceptionally successful over a longer period, and the vision of people that have fundamentally changed our understanding of what it means to be a successful company.  Among the people that have inspired us most is Warren Buffet that has practiced for decades the principles of Business Sustainability by selecting companies for the long-term investment. The other one  is Robert F. Schumacher, especially his concepts of achieving long-term harmony of business and societal needs, best put forward in his seminal work “Small is Beautiful”.


As part of our Business Sustainability approach to work-life balance, we have developed our own methodology called Holistic Well-being that can help companies achieve higher level of productivity, and employees - a higher level of well-being. It is in the process of converting it into METIS Life Mentor apps.


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